Genealogy Chain System

A community with strong social interaction, such as pedigree information, geographical information, genetic similarity information, is presented with block chain technology to create a multi-dimensional, in-depth and strong application of block chain as a platform for social ecology.

In view of the fact that traditional pedigree societies are prone to inefficient, difficult to replicate and fragile trust relationships due to factors such as migration, non-profit-driven, difficult to verify. GCS makes use of the characteristics of parallel distributed block chains, such as strong application ability, untouchable, never missing and traceability, so that users can belong to their own ethnic, pedigree, geographical and even genetic similarities through the block chain social system, and get the mutual financial, pedigree fund, pedigree based on strong trust provided by GCS. Genetic diseases, medical insurance, and overall pension solutions, such as inclusive finance and mutual help, are convenient for health applications.


Preservation and Development of Pedigree

The Genealogy Chain System combines the blockchain with the traditional genealogy, and archives the pedigree social network information into the blockchain, so that the blockchain can be traced back, no missing omissions, no tampering characteristics, decentralization The information of each pedigree member is saved in the blockchain, which avoids the loss of information caused by unpredictable factors such as paper and file pedigree damage, which facilitates the access of pedigree members and prevents some ulterior motives from The falsification of the pedigree text makes the pedigree member information onThe genealogy chain system true and reliable.


Genealogy Certification

After the number of pedigrees meets the requirements of the social system for the number of pedigree members, the social system will authenticate the social network of the pedigree chain. After the authentication is true, the social system of the pedigree chain will issue the exclusive pedigree markers to the social network of each pedigree, and the members of the social network of the pedigree chain will issue the exclusive pedigree markers to the social network of each pedigree. With the pedigree-specific marker, after the pedigree-based social system has passed, the pedigree-based social system will issue several tokens worth of entity-based certification commemorative coins for the identification of pedigree members.


Pedigree Social

Genealogy Chain System will also provide chat system, member docking system. Family members, students'associations and fellow villagers' associations are able to communicate in the genealogy chain. Some memorable activities or events that need to be recorded in the genealogy can also be recorded in the genealogy chain system.


Financial Services

Genealogy Chain System will provide Pedigree members with P2P financial functions and in-Pedigree credit and lending systems. GCS effectively avoids the risk of traditional P2P platform by taking advantage of the characteristics of fragmentation chain which is difficult to tamper with and decentralization. In addition, because the block chain has a "do not touch the capital" characteristics, so the user's capital security is more secure. The GCS will also work with third-party financial institutions to input the credit information of pedigree members into the GCS as a reference for borrowers and lenders.


Pedigree Mutual Assistance Guarantee System

The Genealogy Chain System refers to the Pedigree Members who become Mutual Assistance Members by complying with the Convention, choosing to join the Mutual Assistance Scheme and paying the fees to form a Mutual Assistance Fund. The Mutual Assistance Fund bears the responsibility of Mutual Assistance Guarantee for the losses caused by the events stipulated in the Convention, or when the Pedigree Members of the Mutual Assistan Mutual assistance and safeguard activities undertaken to pay mutual assistance in case of illness or the condition of reaching the age or time limit stipulated in the Convention.


Pedigree Fund

The Genealogy Chain System hopes to establish a pedigree-based financial model similar to that of the United States, so the Pedigree Chain Social System will also provide a pedigree fund system. Genealogical members can pool their personal assets together for financial projects or investments through the genealogical chain of social system tokens. The pooled investment of assets will bring greater benefits to all the people who participate in the pedigree fund.


GCS Whitepaper


        The Genealogy Chain System is a blockchain public chain system based on social networks such as genealogy, bloodlines, and genes. By building a strong social interaction community such as pedigree information, regional information, and genetic similar information, it is presented in a blockchain technology. The blockchain leads the social ecology of the block, deepening and strong application. In view of the fact that traditional pedigree socialization is easy to cause social inefficiency, difficult to copy, and fragile trust relationship due to migration, non-profit-driven, and difficult to prove.


GCS Token

GCS is a token issued under the Ethereum ERC 20 standard, which holds the reputation value of the GCS Chain community and its value within the community. The ERC20 Pass will be used to attract early supporters in the early stage. After the main online line, the GCS will map, map the ERC Pass to the GCS Pass, and receive the Foundation's awards for early participants.

The total amount of GCS:2000000000GCS

1.5% Private Investors
2% Early Investors and Consultants
3% Institutional Investment
13.5% Technology and Operations
30% Community Incentives
50% Foundation

Development Plan

Earlier Time
  • Early investors and institutional investors
  • Start public chain research and development
Log in to the Exchange
  • Log in to the Exchange and community to build
System on-line1
  • Test online line
System on-line2
  • main online line
System on-line3
  • The main network application was launched
Team Introduction

Executive Team

Xiaohua Wang
Chairman of The Genealogy Chain System foundation

Founder of The GCS Foundation

Gang Zheng
Early Investor

Director of Northwest Region of Jingdong Group

Yuan Yao
Senior Consultant

Storm Capital Partner, founder of wescope

Anthony Tao
Business Consultant

IBM Canada: Global Technology Services Business Executive (GTS), Senior IT Architect of Cloud Computing Technology ,Intel China: Regional Vice President (IT department)

Technical Consultant

Derak He
Technical Director

Experts in the field of big data cloud computing, R&D experts under the mobile Internet architecture, own a number of independent intellectual property rights for software development; Leading and implementing a number of large-scale IT projects, including IBM, Symantec, etc.

Yuhong Liu
Chief Technical Officer

Master of Physics, Peking University, senior researcher in the field of blockchain, PUNCH technical consultant, proficient in various blockchain standards and protocols, first proposed the new energy layout of the blockchain of solar + mining network, dedicated to promoting blockchain technology The application of the industry has landed.

Shi Chen
Technical Consultant

Ph.D. in physics from Peking University. His research interests include distributed simulation of nuclear reactions and high-performance computing. He uses a point-to-point connection between idle computers and smart devices to create a simulation simulation platform for inter-satellite distributed self-organizing nuclear reactions, which is funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

Maode Wang
Technical Consultant

Founder of EtherWarship, FCoin Independent Security Auditor, Senior Ethereum Engineer, has long been engaged in information security technology research, proficient in blockchain infrastructure, consensus design and digital asset trust.

Xudong Lian
Technical Consultant

Researcher of Information Science, Xiamen University, senior expert in artificial intelligence, National Key Laboratory of Plasma and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Xiamen University, engaged in medical imaging artificial intelligence research, and presided over the development of top AI application projects such as AI-vision digital camera visual navigation system.



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